Engineered Wood

Construction worker reviewing at set of building plans on the construction site.For the last half-century, engineered wood products have become a staple in the construction industry, particularly in the residential sector. Engineered wood floor systems have many advantages over those built with conventional lumber. Engineered wood is more sustainable, utilizing fewer trees and less energy to construct per square foot of floor space. These products are also stronger and more dimensionally stable, but at the same time weigh less and are easier to handle than traditional solid sawn joists.

J. P. Hart Lumber Company has an entire division dedicated to the design, sales, and service of engineered wood products. Our commitment to this product line is unparalleled. Our customers include national, regional, local, and custom builders. We combine our experience, consistency, common sense, and our innovative spirit to give our customers what we feel is the most cost-effective and structurally efficient floor system.


Our team consists of former industry technical representatives, a professional engineer, and a team of eight designers. Several of our designers have been recognized by engineered wood manufacturers as being among the best in the country. Our total combined engineered wood experience is over 120 years.


Our design center located in San Antonio is overseen by our professional engineer. Every design has a two-step check process before being sent to the field. This adds a level of consistency unmatched by our competitors. We understand that every builder has unique expectations and we do our best to exceed them. Having our designers under one roof allows us to give our customers consistent, efficient, and easy to read floor designs,

Common Sense

One of our goals is to use a common sense approach while designing every floor system. We always strive to present our customers with the most cost efficient system while considering real-world field conditions. We always take the time to locate plumbing obstructions which could interfere with joist placement. We adjust joists to miss mechanical obstructions to save time and money. We also do our best to recognize potential floor problems or performance issues and discuss with our customers. We understand that an unhappy homeowner can be costly to everyone.


We never settle for the status quo; we are always looking for innovative ways to satisfy our customers’ needs. In 2008 we invested in our first specialized component saw from Hundegger™. With this saw we are able to provide our customers with a floor package that can be precision end trimmed (PET) to 1/16”, have mechanical holes pre-cut in the proper locations, and joists labeled to correspond to the framing layout. Today, we have Hundegger™ saws in every market we serve.

If you are looking for an innovative business partner that provides consistent commonsense solutions, we’re here for you!