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Oriented strand board (OSB) sheathing is an innovative, affordable, and environmentally friendly wood-based structural panel for use in roof, wall, and floor applications. It meets the same performance standards as plywood and is more cost-effective. OSB has better moisture tolerance and is much less susceptible to the stress related problems of plywood, such as warping and ply separation. It has exceptional dimensional stability and consistent quality.

LP® TopNotch® Sub-Flooring

Engineered specifically for subflooring applications, LP® TopNotch® Sub-Flooring delivers the strength and moisture resistance you need at a price you can afford. Since climates and building practices vary, they offer three different products in the LP TopNotch line. All LP TopNotch products feature a self-spacing tongue and groove profile for easy installation, as well as their RainChannel™ notch system that helps protect against moisture absorption and edge swell. LP TopNotch products are backed by up to a 200-Day No-Sand Warranty and up to a 50-Year Transferable Limited Warranty.

LP® TechShield® Radiant Barrier

LP® TechShield® Radiant Barrier Sheathing helps block radiant heat from entering the attic. The result: LP TechShield can reduce monthly air conditioning costs up to 17%. It installs just like regular roof sheathing, with no additional labor costs. And unlike other radiant barriers, LP TechShield features VaporVents™ technology, which helps the panel dry quickly if it’s exposed to moisture during the construction process. They’ve been making LP TechShield for more than a decade. It was the first radiant barrier panel on the market and is still the brand that builders use and prefer the most.

AdvanTech® Engineered Woods

With an industry-leading warranty and unmatched 300-day no-sanding guarantee, AdvanTech® flooring is the flooring panel that more builders trust. It’s engineered for superior strength, moisture resistance and quality so you can build the quiet, stiff floor your homeowners demand.

Need more proof? AdvanTech flooring has won the #1 Quality Brand Leader from Builder Magazine1 for 8 consecutive years and studies show that 9 out of 10 builders who try AdvanTech flooring stick with it for good.

Weyerhaeuser Edge™

Weyerhaeuser Edge™ panels are designed for single-layer flooring applications in starter and single-family homes. These structural, engineered panels have self-gapping tongue-and-groove edges that allow for fast installation with virtually no buckle, cup, warp or sag. Weyerhaeuser Edge panels are engineered to deliver consistent quality and thickness so floors will lie flat when installed properly.

Weyerhaeuser RBS™

When the sun shines on a roof with standard sheathing, radiant heat penetrates through the sheathing, heating up the air in the attic space. Without a solid barrier to contain the hot air, heat penetrates through the insulation into living spaces causing room temperatures to rise. More energy is needed to cool the house causing higher energy costs to homeowners. Weyerhaeuser’s RBS™ (Radiant Barrier Sheathing) foil-laminated panels are specifically designed to limit the sun’s radiant heat by reflecting the heat back outside. Weyerhaeuser RBS™ is an ENERGY STAR® approved product.

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Completed in 2007, RoyOMartin’s oriented strand board (OSB) facility in Oakdale, Louisiana, is the largest OSB manufacturing facility in North America. Its technologically advanced equipment is capable of producing a full range of OSB products, from sheathing to oversize panels in thicknesses from 3/8” to 1-1/8”. Each of these is available in 8’, 9’, 10’ and 12’ lengths. They also have the unique ability to cut precision-trimmed WindBrace® panels.


Norbord Inc. is an international producer of wood-based panels with assets of $1.0 billion. They have 13 plant locations in the United States, Europe and Canada. TruFlor was first introduced in 2008 to provide great value to smart builders. TruFlor is a “Green Approved Product” certified for the National Green Building Standard.