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We stock all common sizes, grades, species, and lengths of framing lumber. The projects we supply include small kitchen remodels to huge multi-family projects and everything in between. Most of our material is forklift-unloaded on the job and placed in your desired location by one of our professional drivers.


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Canfor’s North American facilities produce high quality dimension lumber, structural panels, and value-added finishing products. They are also a leading producer of wood pellets and green energy. Canfor exports lumber all over the world but approximately 45% of their products are shipped to the United States. They have long-standing and valued relationships with customers throughout the supply chain, and are known for our product quality, excellence in logistics and a superior commitment to customer service.


Weyerhaeuser is your source for residential, multi-family and light commercial projects. They provide seamless building solutions, all the way from design to installation to support. They offer the most comprehensive and innovative collection of proven structural framing materials, including Trus Joist® Engineered Lumber Products, panels, lumber, and a wide range of high-quality distributed products. They back their products with industry-leading warranties, technical expertise, an impressive distribution channel, proprietary software and innovative solutions – all of which make building more efficient.

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Hixson Lumber

Hixson Lumber Sales has adhered to a policy of providing their customers with Consistent Quality and Exceptional Service since 1959. This philosophy has established them as a major supplier of wood products for over 50 years. They proudly offer one of the most extensive inventories available to our industry, but their greatest source of pride is their knowledgeable staff and the “Can Do” attitude which prevails throughout their organization.

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Hampton Affiliates

Hampton Affiliates has grown from a single mill operation to one of the nation’s largest privately-held forest products companies. Their timberlands, mills, marketing department and reload services give them unparalleled flexibility within the industry to meet their customers’ needs. Great effort goes into the long-term management of their natural renewable resources. Over the years they have planted millions of seedlings and acquired approximately 93,000 acres (37,636 hectares) of timberland in Oregon and Washington. In addition, Hampton manages approximately 120,000 hectares (296,526 acres) of publicly owned forest land in British Columbia.

West Fraser Timber Company

West Fraser produces a variety of softwood lumber products which are sold into the North American and export markets. They are committed to producing and delivering a quality product and, as such, take steps to ensure standards are consistently met. All lumber is graded in compliance with the NLGA (National Lumber Grades Authority) and the NGR (National Grading Rules) which are accredited by the ALS (American Lumber Standard) and CLS (Canadian Lumber Standard). Each piece of lumber is grade stamped showing the grade of lumber, the dryness, the mills designated number, and the accredited agency, which in turn performs routine grading checks to ensure the product meets or exceeds all standards


Strategically located near large, high-growth markets, Temple-Inland manufactures a wide array of building products and industrial panels at 16 facilities in the United States. These products include lumber, particleboard, medium density fiberboard (MDF), gypsum wallboard and fiberboard products. Temple-Inland lumber and studs have a long-standing reputation for providing maximum product reliability and consistency thanks to the density, machinability and fastener holding strength of southern pine and a dedication to customer relationships and service.