Fascia, Soffit, and Posts

Product Information

We stock a wide variety of fascia, soffit, and post products, including fiber cement, composite, cedar, and fir.


More Information & Specs


SilvaStar® is part of Canfor-the world’s largest producer of SPF lumber. All of the wood that meets SilvaStar standards is carefully selected and handpicked from Canfor’s highest-grade pieces. SilvaStar® products are defect-free and 100% usable. Their industry-leading QC process, which includes hourly grade checks and processes influenced by Lean Sigma principles, ensures the highest quality production, without compromise. They add extra protection during transportation and storage too. All of their finished units are paper wrapped and reinforced with dunnage and corner protectors.


RealPost™ is a uniquely designed structural porch post that is revolutionizing the building industry and drastically reducing your exterior posts costs. RealPost™ is manufactured from an appearance grade, Western Canadian SPF, the very same fiber they use to create their RealTrim™. A simple top-coat is all you need to finish the job; saving you time and money. The old fashioned way of wrapping a utility post on all four sides is no longer required thanks to RealPost™.